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Greimel and Hobbs Respond to Governor's State of the State Address

Democratic leaders pledge to work hard to create real progress for Michigan

LANSING - House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (Auburn Hills) and House Democratic Floor Leader Rudy Hobbs (Southfield) said today that Gov. Rick Snyder didn’t give an accurate account of how Michigan has fared under his leadership during his State of the State address and warned that policies he advanced will further harm Michigan’s middle-class families, students and seniors.

“Gov. Snyder painted a pretty rosy picture about how well the state is doing after his two years in office, but I don’t think he understands what Michigan families are going through,” Greimel said. “Families are paying more in state income taxes, and seniors are now being taxed on retirement income so that large corporations can pay less. Our kids are going to overcrowded schools so that $2 billion in school funding could be diverted to those corporate giveaways. And now the governor wants to make it possible to turn over schools to for-profit corporations and institute what essentially amounts to a school voucher system. He is out of touch with what people in Michigan want.”

In his State of the State address, Gov. Snyder proposed more ideas that would hurt the middle-class families, students and seniors of Michigan. He continued his support for the Education Achievement Authority, which paves the way for school vouchers and makes it possible to allow for-profit corporations to take over public schools. Michigan drivers would also pay more in what the governor referred to as “user fees.” Snyder also called for reforms to Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance law. Last year, Republicans proposed so-called reforms that would have imposed lifetime caps on auto injury benefits.

In his nearly one-hour speech, Snyder did not mention middle-class tax cuts, relief for seniors who now pay taxes on retirement income or restoring $2 billion in education funding.

“After two years of steadily making middle-class families pay more and funding our schools less, enough is enough,” Hobbs said. “The governor’s speech tonight shows that no relief is coming from the governor or legislative Republicans. That’s why the House Democrats are going to fight harder than ever to find real solutions for the problems facing our citizens. “

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