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House Dems: House Republicans' Action Plan is Out of Touch

Republican 'Action Plan' contradicts Republican actions

LANSING - Michigan House Democrats today were puzzled by the unveiling of a “2013-14 House Republican Action Plan” that stands in opposition to many of the actions and statements made by House Republicans over the past two years.

“While House Republicans talk about wanting to create better jobs and help the children of Michigan, many of the laws they’ve passed since becoming the majority party two years ago show they have done precisely the opposite,” House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills) said. “You can’t say you want to create better jobs while slashing middle-class families’ economic security and passing laws that will result in lower wages across the state. You can’t say you want a brighter future for our kids while slashing $2 billion out of their education funding to pay for tax breaks for corporate special interests.”

The Republican action plan calls for a focus on growing the economy, improving education and creating a fairer tax system. But in the past two years, Republicans have undercut the ability of Michigan’s hard-working families to find good-paying jobs, defunded public schools to the point that thousands of teachers have been laid off, raised taxes on seniors and slashed deductions and credits for middle-class families.

“It’s nice to see House Republicans issue an action plan to further erode economic security for Michigan’s middle-class families, kids and seniors. This plan shows the House Republicans continue to walk in lock step behind Gov. Rick Snyder in failed policies that the voters overwhelming rejected in November,” said House Democratic Floor Leader Rudy Hobbs (D-Southfield). “If they want to help Michigan, House Republicans will find they don’t need to reinvent the wheel. They merely have to give our ideas a fair hearing.”

House Democrats have proposed many solutions that would benefit Michiganders, including:

  • Fully restoring funding to public schools so that our kids can leave high school ready for careers and college

  • Eliminating the new senior tax on retirement income

  • Restoring the Homestead Property Tax Exemption Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, $600 per-child deduction and other credits and deductions that have been taken from middle-class families

  • Restoring workplace fairness rules and getting rid of the “right-to-work for less” legislation that will result in lower wages for Michigan workers

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